Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today, after successfully flushing our sewer vent pipe that was apparently built directly off the garbage disposal drain which causes it to be ever plugged with all sorts of foul matter thus creating a periodic foul waft of air in our entranceway and makes us say, "Who farted?...the house did", I went for a relaxing drive.  

I drove, again south of Meadville, into unfamiliar farm land.  After taking a few random turns onto random roads I came upon this scene.  This beauty of a little hill with a group of trees atop.  
Standing in the freezing whipping wind whilst setting up the shots, changing lenses and arranging filters I finally realized that I must allergic to my own tears.  The sun was bright and the wind was in my face.  This combination even with my sunglasses causes a torrent like a chick watching The Notebook.  When tears actually break the cusp of my eyelid they instantly are converted to sulfuric acid which of course burns like a MO-FO.  Now, when your eyes burn, what do they do? They create more tears which creates more burning which creates more tears which...

I run back to the car not touching my eyes [I've learned that more skin contact causes more burning], head down, tears literally pooling in my sunglasses and luckily there are tissues there.  Frantically wiping my bloodshot eyes and my now dripping nose I finally regain control. 

I look to my left out the car window at a slowly passing car, the driver with a concerned/WTF look on her face. 

I smile and she continues on her way.