Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Schnebly the Schnail has been a household pet for almost a year now.  He's a relatively large Brown Garden Snail.  We are all facinated by him and have genuine affection and concern for his well being which, we all will admit, is a little odd.

It started last March when the kids and I were on a nature walk and I found him in a field, they were instanly smitten with the large brown mollusk and insisted that Schebly must meet Mom.  So they talked me into bringing him [they're actually asexual] home and he now lives in a ceramic castle our son made that sits in a potted plant. 

We've had 2 other "Schneblinas" but they both had very creepy personalities and didn't treat Schnebly with the respect he deserves...they went out the window. 

Apparently they were with us long enough to have created the 80 odd "Schneblettes" that began popping out of the soil late last summer...they also went out the window.

Schnebly is a loner and I think he prefers it that way, he gets all the brussel sprouts to himself.  [Santa even filled a tiny stocking with them]

He is the perfect subject for photography. This was our first photo shoot when he first came home [Deathwish & On the Edge].

 Soon I'll be getting some extension tubes for macro work and then you'll be seeing him in all his glory.  In the meantime, I'll see what I can come up with.