Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today was the wife's white coat ceremony.
Yup, she's officially still a medical student.

Took a bunch of pictures of her and her friends. I'm really feeling the pressure now that all of you have told me you're reading this. I'll need medication before too long.

As you have gathered, I'd categorize myself as an artistic photographer and I know it seems stupid but I abhor shooting candid photography.  It's an unexplainable aversion that has developed within me.  An aversion I'm trying to get over.  I believe it comes from my OCD tendency with my photos.  I love to set up a shot and take test shots, decide the best settings and then take the final shot.  Then recompose and try it again until I give up and take what I have into Photoshop or more infrequently actually nail the shot with the final snap...then I take a few more for good measure.  I'm usually going through this routine in front of an ever-so-patient inanimate object, such as a tree.  You can image how well this masterful technique goes over in a "simple snapshot" setting.  Luckily Nikon's Program Auto mode on the D90 works extremely well. 

I was planning on putting a bunch of shots for all of you to pilfer but it takes forever to upload the large format size and my wife's already asleep on the couch.  I'm sure she'll have them up on Facebook...goodnight.