Sunday, January 17, 2010


The wife and I were up very late last night.  Her looking at prom dresses [med school apparently needs a prom...who knew], and myself playing Wii fit [yeah...that's right]. 

So at 1am I realize "Holy crap it's 1am" and promptly announce "Bed-time!"

Now for those of you who know my wife well, you know she reacts poorly to swift changes and spontaneity.  She needs at least a 10 min warning before I go to bed.  I, however, am very malleable and can easily conform to most swift changes that have no real consequence.  For instance, surprise bed times or spontaneous yogurt snacks [don't ever spring yogurt on her...she must mentally prepare first].

While she's preparing for bed, I go upstairs and as I'm almost ready to hop in bed I look out the window and see the most magnificent fog shrouding everything.  We live next door to a prison and the light pollution emanating for that damn place is usually maddening.  I can never do very good star gazing and forget about star-trail photography.  BUT the the bright lights hitting the fog lit the very air all around my house and down the street. 

I had to get out there.  As soon as my wife was heading to bed I was heading out the door.  I was back in bed by 2am so she and the dog could finally get some sleep.