Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So it stopped snowing and started raining. 
Will someone please explain to me how it can be 26 degrees farenheit outside and raining!? 
I go outside this morning to battle the ice cube that contains my car.  After starting the car I neglect to notice that the wipers are still engaged, not moving but silently wanting and straining to move.  I exit the vehicle and commence scraping the ice with my brand new christmas ice scraper/snow brush.  Without warning, the passenger wiper arm breaks it's bonds, leaving the blade firmly attached to the glass.  The amputee metal hook then attempts to aid in the ice removal process in a harsh arc across my windshield nearly shattering the glass with it's initial landing. After restraining the arm and flimsily re-attaching the broken blade I continued to scrape, not two swipes later my scraper blade snaps and flies away...lovely.

I returned home after work having acquired a new wiperblade and a new ice scraper/snow brush. 
Now the power is sporatically dimming and the town emergency siren has sounded. 
We've already got our candles ready...