Saturday, January 30, 2010


Spent my day at the DMV getting a new license then driving around the area south of Meadville.  I say "area" because I really have no idea where I was located at the time.  I brought the daughter along, she's fine with my long nowhere drives as long as she has a movie to watch.   My wonderful parents purchased Mama Mia for her because she loves it so much.

I am not a fan. 

However, it is extremely entertaining to listen to her sing all the songs in her cute little voice.  She had her headphones on to spare me the full on ABBA onslaught, so I just hear her singing.

"Mama we go again.  My my, how can I resist-a...(and repeat 967 times)"

Apparently Pierce Brosnan is still "very handsome" to 7 year olds.  
She recently informed my wife and I of her "Hot" List.
#1 & #2 are boys from school, one of whom is a bully [great]
#3 is Pierce Brosnan
#4 is Justin Bieber (we had to use google to figure that one out, she says Beaver)

I think I may be homeschooling that one soon.

After processing these shots, I'd say it was a very productive day.  I went with monochrome for these images because the contrasts just screamed black and white.  With most landscapes (and most other shots) I quickly check the image in black and white just to see it.  Most of the time I go with color.  The blue sky and wispy clouds against the white snow were nice but after converting to B/W it really popped.  Graduated neutral density filters are the bomb-diggity...word. [tru-dat]

I rarely impress myself, but I'm extremely satisfied with these images.

...and this was just really really cool