Thursday, January 3, 2013

I've been meaning to post a link to my new photography blog Explosures.  I've focused my attention on Astrophotography recently.  Come check it out at
Here's a taste:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Acadia National Park

Halfway through a week in Acadia National Park, Maine.  It is absolutely breathtaking everywhere, I'm not sure I'll be leaving...ever.

It's raining now so I took the time to edit some of my favorites so far.  There's many more to edit and more to shoot!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ring flash love

I received my DIY Photography ring flash kit today!  It took about 15 minutes to assemble (it would take any normal human 5 but I'm anal and meticulous, I even wore gloves so not to finger print the reflector).  Compared to a $300 "true" ring flash this performs like a dream for $25 buckaroos!
I immediately took it for a test drive.  Some quick portraits and then macro.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lake Erie Fog

Saturday, I spontaneously decided to drive 45 minutes to find a large driftwood log that I wasn't willing to drag to my car a month ago but haven't stopped thinking about since.  I drug my 8 yr old daughter along for some muscle.  This said driftwood log can be seen in the first photos two blog posts down.  Yeah, awesome bench material.  I had already had it fitted with legs and my mind.  But that was a month and a dozen storms ago.
We arrived at the game lands along the Lake Erie shore, parked in a pull off scattered with a wide assortment of refuse, panties and left flip flops included, strangely enough. Right in front of the classic bullet hole riddled NO OUTLET sign (as if the cliff and large expanse of water directly behind the sign wasn't enough info).  We got our boots on and I grabbed my photo gear in case there was anything interesting.  I was planning on just snatching up  the driftwood and heading out to another photo location. We stepped out of the weeds and saw beautiful fog rolling in!  Awesome!!
On the beach, as I had feared, all the driftwood in all the great lakes had coalesced in great heaps and had been plowed by the waves up against the bluffs.  I searched in vain for my driftwood like a trying to find a specific stick in a giant pile of, well, sticks.  No luck.
The fog was great so we stayed anyway for a few hours.  The girl was whining 15 minutes in but then she found some cool driftwood of her own and then built a fort complete with a swing, really.  Since my driftwood disappeared she was paranoid about hers being snatched away.  So despite my constant reassuring  and telling her to leave it by the car she carried her armload of wood up and down the beach wherever she went, whining about how heavy it was.  It was a good afternoon.  Enjoy the photos.

I spent a lot of time with this log

I told her to look dramatic, she was having a good time...really.
I found a waterfall!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I got this star magnolia for father's day 4 years ago.  It's a fantastic little thing, it's all bare sticks then suddenly one day in late April I'll look out and it's covered with brilliant white blooms.  No leaves just flowers, and it smells wonderful.  It's kind of a weird root beer scent but it's great.  It's officially spring...finally!
So out come the flash and macro tubes!

...and I had to shoot our easter tulips before they became so depressed that their heads hit the table.