Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Driving home from work today I was cussing at myself out loud for not having my camera.  The sun was setting in the clear sky and all the trees were ice covered.  It was spectacular! I ran inot the house like a maniac, grabbed my gear and got back into the car.  I drove nearly half way back to work but missed the "magic hour" already.  I had a ripper of a headache anyway and that just bummed me out.  I'll try to bring it tomorrow.

After watching/sleeping to The Karate Kid III with the kids I realized I still needed a picture.  I wandered the house and saw a burnt out lightbulb (there seems to always be one around here).  And yes I use incandescent bulbs and will gladly replace them with more efficient fluorescent when they figure out how to make the light they emit not complete shit.  Every one looks like a corpse in that light, it makes me ill. 
I got a bright idea!  (knee-slap)

So I proceeded to break a bulb and rig a new filament out of kleenex, set up my velvet mini studio (black velvet draped over a chair) and the experimentation began.  It took quite a few burns before I got something good enough to give my headache a rest.