Friday, January 22, 2010


An evening at the mall with the wife and kids.
I dropped the little lady off at the Macy's door and took the monsters to Toys R Us to finish off their xmas money.  There I stared at dolls, motorized animals [that have human voices making animal sounds] and pinkness of all shapes and sizes.  The boy is finally old enough to quickly find his own playthings and his way back to me while I'm trapped in barbie hell. 
At one point the girl and I walked past a wall of babydolls and all their heads slowly followed us, reaching and calling to us.  Motion activated and, in such a mass quantity, creepy as hell.
We made it out alive and one motorized human voiced kitten richer.  Back to the mall to behold the glory of Erie Idol.  Wow.  How some people get the self-confidence to get up and sing in public is beyond me [they must hear something different echoing in their head].
Onward to The Limited to find some random dude giving my wife clothing advice. Just as I was about to lay his ass out [you know it] I notice the little headphone earpiece thinga-ma-bob and realize he's not a random dude but a super nice salesperson dude with 20% off coupons in his pocket.  Now the wife is looking fabulous and fancy.
Burritos at Moe's, my favorite meat there? TOFU [don't knock it 'til you try it].
and home again home again.

Here's an abstract for you, this is my living room ceiling. 
I think it's nifty, enjoy.