Saturday, January 2, 2010


Wow I made it two days so far.   I'm not very disciplined so this is a big deal.   I started this project because I have been in a serious creative slump and need to force myself out of it.  The winter is in full swing and I have very little use for snow (nearly 2 feet fell just last night).  The weather alone is likely the cause for my decline in photography.
Anyway I found a tiny spider on our ficus tree.  This little guy is approx 1.5mm end to end and with my lack of a good macro lens I went into MacGyver mode.  While my daughter held a flashlight on the subject I  reversed my 18-105mm lens, held it flush against the camera body and used my free finger to manually open the iris then took the shot.  Not the prettiest macro nor the best quality but I'll deal with it...(another reason for doing this blog it to break my over-analytical nature).