Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I was thinking still life tonight.
I began wandering the house aimlessly looking for unique items to shoot.

My antique cameras?  Nah
Fruit? been done
Onions? not now
Old oil cans?  Nah
Books? Eh
Legos? maybe
I have a lot of crap, ask my wife.

Glancing at my dresser top I see the light hitting this vase and "shattering" it.

I found my model.  I dump the coins out of the vase (it's my change bank) and clear my dresser.
I set up my shot with my trusty 4D Maglite aimed at about 60 degrees from the camera's line of vision level at mid vase.  Now to set the scene and help you visualize my plight you must know that Pearl the Pug is adamant that any light source such as a glare, laser, flashlight, etc is the Devil incarnate and must be destroyed.  Her arch-nemesis is the midday glare from the fridge on the wall. The wall is scarred from her death blows.
So she commences to destroy all of my shots by running in circles at my feet then leaping into the air after the Demon Light.  After restraining Pearl and getting the light set she calms down, only because it isn't moving.  And by calm I mean she is sitting on the bed just barely out of camera view staring at the light hitting the wall and trembling.  I fire away with the shutter.