Thursday, January 28, 2010


After getting the littel girl to bed I decided I would go for a photowalk.
It was very dark and about 15 degrees.  I was all excited to try out my new finger-mittens, the ones with the big flap over the exposed fingers that velcros back (these ones are awesom-er because there's also a thumb-flap!).
So, very unlike me, I ventured into the cold cold night to walk around town.  For those of you who don't live in my little town or know about this part of the word, nights like these are dangerous.  When it's snowy and dark people don't drive to the bar.
No, let me re-phrase, they don't drive automobiles to the bar, instead they drive snowmobiles and they drive them on the sidewalks.  Yeah, apparently it's safer to drive drunk on the sidewalk, at least they're wearing helmets.  Unfortunately it's not safer for me who has the audacity to walk on the sidewalk.

Our  little "Winter Wonderland" sounds like giant garbage disposals (that's what snowmobiles sound like in my head) and drunken WHOOP-ing.

I survived.

Tonight I thought I'd post all the shots I thought were good/interesting/unique/not total crap for your viewing pleasure.  These shots have only been converted from RAW with minimal processing, no Photoshop enhancements.

I love long exposures.


...and home again