Saturday, February 6, 2010


We took the kids rollerskating today.  The same roller rink that I frequented as a early teen located dead center of Nowhereville, Pennsylvania.  It looked exactly the same.  I handed the lady at the door my debit card because I forgot that inside this building it's still 1989.

We left to find an ATM.  Following the direction of the lady's finger-point we found a tiny gas station and as the wife was inside I busied myself scanning the surroundings because that is what I do.  I am constantly mentally logging every tree-line, hill, swamp, pond, lake, road, house, rock, cloud...

This is why I'm such a moron, my brain is so full of minute details there's no room for much of anything else, like birthdates, mathematics, people's names, words that my wife speaks.

Well this trait pays off from time to time, there was a wadded up 20 dollar bill stuck in a snowbank about 10 feet from my car.  Payday!  Unfortunately, she had already hit the ATM.

We found our way back to the rink and enjoyed some quality nostalgia and all four of us left the rink unbroken and un-concussed.

The lighting was awful and my flash is worse.  All but one of these shots are compositionally and technically challenged but not terrible.  I tried to get some good shots but in situations like that I try too hard and should just put the camera to full auto and save the frustration.