Friday, February 19, 2010


Wow, fifty days and fifty pictures.  I'll admit it.  I've had to force myself to do this some days and other days it's felt like a chore but overall I really look forward to creating my daily image.

I'm too damn stubborn to give up, which was part of the reason I knew I could do this project
[listen to me talking like I don't have 315 days to go]

I got home from work, immediately grabbed my camera and went back out the door, even though I had a migraine level headache.  Amazingly my headache was gone by the time I got back and I managed to  nab a few good shots.

I'll likely be going back to this frozen swamp tomorrow morning.

This is the frozen tundra in which I reside.

I saw this hawk as I went by on my way home and it was in the same place 20 minutes later, I parked and found a good vantage point, put the camera to my eye and...he flew away.
I was able to snap a few crappy shots as he moved down the telephone poles then he was gone.  These birds keep alluding me but I'll get them yet!