Friday, February 12, 2010


Today is my beautiful wife's birthday.  I would have loved to take a portrait of her today but I can't tear her away from the Olympics.  We don't have cable tv and NBC is too weak for our antenna to pick up so she will be camped out at my parent's house for the next two weeks.  I know is awful to say but save for a very few events the Olympics bore me to death.

I did manage to take a couple interesting shots over at my parents this evening.  There was a big sparkling snowflake outside the kitchen door and oddly enough there was a fly sitting in the snow next to it. 
So it was macro-time.

I tried another focus stack on the fly.  Without the precision of my Wacom Tablet and only the crappy fingerpad laptop mouse I think I did fairly well.  The image is actually 6 different frames stacked in Photoshop layers then tediously erased layer by layer.  The snowflake is just a single frame.