Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday, as we were driving out of town and basically the entire way to Chautauqua Lake I was drooling over the beautiful hoarfrost covering all the trees, bushes, everything.  I was extremely irritated that I was not out shooting it this rare and beautiful winter spectacle but instead just driving by it.  If there's anything good about winter photography it's hoarfrost.  And I ignored it to my disadvantage [handpalm]

I decided to wake up early this morning in the hopes of finding more frosty goodness.  Unfortunately, I am a lazy piece of crap and slept until 9.  There wasn't any good frost anyway.

I did finally get myself outside and back to the frozen swamp from Friday.  I went for a short walk into the swamp and the 3 feet of snow.  I thought about putting my knee-high boots on before I ventured out but nah my snow-boots are much warmer and any standing water will be very solid.

Wandering into the swamp, the ice was very firm although the scenery wasn't as photogenic as I had pictured it from the road.   Some wild turkey were pacing around further back in the swamp so I tried to slowly creep up on them.  At about 100 feet from them I was in good shape, they were still unaware of me.  I took a few shots but still wanted to get closer. With another step my foot suddnely sunk into water up to my mid-calf and of course my other foot followed.  Oh yeah, these snow boots are real warm now.  Luckily, I was only uncomfortably far not dangerously far from my car.  My feet had pretty much disappeared by the time I got home but they were still pink and sensation quickly returned.