Saturday, February 20, 2010


With about 20 minutes notice we all rushed out the door this morning to go see an ice castle on Chautauqua Lake, NY.   I grabbed all my gear and we were gone.

We arrived 45min later and I got my camera out, turned it on and noticed the little "-E-" icon on the screen, NO DISK!  I was not happy.  I decided that I would find just a 2G SDcard somewhere in this town.  It's 2010, there has to be a store carrying them nearby.

First stop - RiteAid
"Sure, we have those, which size do you want?" 
"Just a 2 gig will do it."
"They're a little pricey"
"That's OK, how much could......$50! [eek]"
"Yeeeah, like I said"
"Thanks,  I'll pass"
"They might have them at Dollar General"


Luckily the boy grabbed the ol' Sony point-and-shoot and saved the day.