Thursday, February 18, 2010


Our daughter was doing some schoolwork up in our loft wedged in a little corner behind a couch and watching her brother playing wii down below.
Bingo, picture time!

Me: "Look through the railing again."
Daughter: "Why?"
Me: "Because it was cute and I'm taking pictures"
Daughter: "uuuughh..."
Me:  "Pleeease?"
Daughter: "UUUGHHH...okay.  But first, how do you spell cob, like with corn."
ME: "You know how to spell cob."
Daughter: "Is it a K or a C?"
Me: "What do you think?"
Daughter: "C?"
ME: "Yup, now just put your face like it was before"
Daughter: "Like this?"
Me: "No, like it was before"
Daughter: "This way?"
Me: "No, your arm wasn't in front of your face"
Daughter: "uuuugh..."
Me: "THERE! good don't move for just a sec"
Daughter: "This hurts my face"
Me: "You don't have to ram your head into the wood, just rest it there."
Daughter: "Are you done?"
Me: "Yes sweetie, could you just leave your hands there for a sec"
Daughter: "okay"

I was trying for nearly 20 minutes to get the dog to poke her head through the rungs and look at me.  I got a treat and set it just out of tongue reach on the ledge.  That worked.  This is her looking at me and wondering why I'm torturing her.