Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The wife and I recently decided to go vegetarian, mostly for health reasons.  Well, I should say we will be vegetarian once this round of groceries runs out.  Those fine chickens in my freezer shall not have died in vain, but further more ever after we shall not contribute to their deaths.

It's something I've been wanting to attempt for many reasons.
1) The aforementioned health reason.  Vegetarians live longer.  True story.  That's enough for me.
2) I have a sick desire to punish myself.  I love cheeseburgers.  I love steak.  I do not love my growing waistline.  I need to get back to the mindset of "food is fuel" instead of "food is a mouth party" before it gets out of hand.
3) Slaughterhouses are vile dirty places.  This is NOT a "meat is murder" rant.  Seriously, how much fecal matter do you want your food wallowing in before you eat it?  Watch some videos then gag down some tasty meat thinking about it.

I will not be preachy or scowl at you with your hamburger (I may drool if it's a weak moment).
I am not joining PETA.
This is just a personal choice and not a bold statement.

and I will NOT give up my eggs.  I really love eggs.

(and lobster, sorry seafood you'll be my only vice)