Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I walked back into the woods across the street to photograph an old broken bridge that has been rotting there since the prison was a college.  Theres a nice ravine along the way so, big surprise, I decided to give a panorama a go. These files will take a long time for my old computer to stitch so they may be loaded another day if it can handle it.  Here's a single frame of it.

I finally arrived at the bridge and it was gone!  It had been ancient and unwalkable even when I was a kid.  It had taken a few blows from fallen trees and the middle had collapsed but there was something there to photograph before.  Now it's an unrecognizable pile of wood.  This really bums me out.  I grew up playing in these woods and the bridge was always there, daring us to cross though none of us ever got very far before we chickened out.  Here's a couple shots I took of it in October '08.