Friday, March 26, 2010


I decided to take a random left turn on my way home today...I got lost.

Frequently, while I'm out with my camera I decide to go down roads I've never been down and I never lose my sense of direction.  I have a fantastic internal compass and somehow always know which direction to go to get back to familiar territory.  It was broken today.
So I took this left turn and after about 5 miles and 2 more turns I was completely disoriented. I kept driving and the roads got narrower and muddier and scarier.I was only really concerned because I had only an hour before the kids needed picked up from school.  At one point I looked over at a horse pasture and they were all lying down, I think one was dead (See below).  I had no cellphone reception by the time I decided to connect to the GPS application on my phone.  Shortly after that I realized where I was.