Saturday, May 8, 2010


Spectacular storm last night!
The easy (lazy) way to capture lightning is to set a medium-high aperture, set your camera to Bulb exposure (shutter stays open when button is held down), and point your camera where the action is (will be), pull the trigger, hold as still as possible, and wait.  This of course only works well at night.  
A better way is to use a tripod and a shutter release, set camera on continuous shooting, set exposure at 30 sec with med-high aperture (f10ish), lock the shutter, walk away and hope your gear stays dry.
This first shot occurred when I was aiming one way and the brightest, closest, scariest bolt of the night exploded right over our heads.  Before I whipped around to see it, my wife's reaction was captured.  Hilarious.