Saturday, October 2, 2010


This laptop mini-disaster has allowed me a good reset time.  Time to get back to the in-camera work, refresh, and hone my photographic skills.
Hey light-meter, I'm sorry I haven't been quite as attentive as I should.  And you, White balance, I know Auto is basically ignoring you and I apologize.  Av mode, I know you've been working longer hours than you should, time for a vacation.
No more, "eh, Photoshop can fix that."  This blog was started to keep me from getting lazy, I haven't missed a day yet but the pressure of posting a "good shot" every day can really create bad habits and hurried photography.  I've been noticing a lot of that lately along with lack of creativity, but that could just be early-onset seasonal affective disorder.

These are all straight from the camera (shot in RAW and converted to JPEG in-camera)
Beaver Dam

I'm in love with this pond/swamp...there's some great shots here, I just need to find them

It was raining too much, I'll be back very soon