Saturday, June 26, 2010


Visited the Union City Dam today.  I had no idea it was out there in the middle of nowhere.
I was very excited for a nice overcast gloomy photography day, the kiddos were being cared for and I was free to roam for a few hours.  I got in the car and instantly the clouds dissolved!   No, bright afternoon sunshine is not good for photography.  It's awful.  Clouds diffuse the sunshine and eliminate harsh contrasts.  This is why I chose to do a few HDR images today.  It's almost impossible to get a single well composed shot in full afternoon sun.  There's always blown highlights or clipped shadows.  So you take 3 shots, (+1 stop/normal/-1 stop) and through the magic of Photoshop you cam merge the exposures into one to compensate for your camera's inability to see in the shadows whilst preserving the highlights.

Unfortunately, out of nearly 200 shots, these were the only ones worth showing (and only the last two are HDR)