Saturday, January 1, 2011

This is the end, beautiful friends...

2010 is over and while in no way do I regret this project I am still very glad it has come to a close.  My technique has greatly improved although my creativity has suffered.  Creativity will return quickly now that the pressure of a photo a day is done but the lessons I've learned will never leave me.
If I may impart any wisdom I have gleaned above all others the most important lesson would be this:

ALWAYS take the shot!  (do it NOW)

NEVER count on "the shot' being there when you return from the grocery store or dropping the kids off or when you go get your gear (another good rule: always have a camera with you).  Stopping and shooting may take a couple extra minutes and annoy whomever you are with at the time (i.e: wife and kids) but in the long run it takes much less time than going back and if you do go back for the shot 98% of the time "the moment" has passed.  Whether it's a flock of birds in a tree or an amazing sky, if you feel the urge to stop and shoot it then stop and shoot it!  I can think of many many times over the year that I missed a possibly fantastic shot because I'm a procrastinator.

Yes, I will be keeping the blog up and adding to it whenever I have something worthwhile to say and/or show you.

My tentative plans for this year are a more formal website and storefront (zenfolio) and possibly local galleries and shop consignments.  I'll keep you updated.

Now to wrap this thing up, I thought I would repost my personal favorite shots of the year.  Thank you all for the encouragement that motivated me all year.