Thursday, July 1, 2010


Halfway through this year of photography, I'm proud to say I haven't missed a single day nor have I cheated myself and posted old photos (though I've been tempted at times).  Early on it was difficult to find something to shoot every day but at this point this project has completely integrated into my daily life.  Even on those bleh non-creative days, as soon as I grab my camera I'm able to do (or at least try) something worth while.  Then at some point every evening I announce to the wife "Blog's up" and she gives her critique.  Not once has she gotten truly annoyed with my diverted attention for the hour(s) I have to put in every night to keep up with it, she waits patiently (as she is doing now) for me to finish.  This project wouldn't be possible without her support. She's awesome.

At any rate, I have noticed an improvement in my work as well as an easier time with my workflow in post processing which was really the reason for all of this.

I still think this blog thingy was a good idea and I'm loving photography more with everyday.

...Blog's up!